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Faith Applied

Nov 26, 2019

It's a few days before Thanksgiving - a time of year full of celebrations with family and food.

Before the prolonged period of eat-festing begins, I'm led to share an episode about fasting.

Hang with me here…

The end of the year season is celebratory, but it can also be difficult for those that have experienced loss or are currently experiencing lack.

Going into this new year, some may want or need to leave some things behind in this decade and to step into 2020 with boldness and a clear vision of what is to come.

Some may need strength or movement comfort or clarity, courage, or earnestly desire a more intimate relationship with God.

Fasting can minister to these and other needs.

Christian fasting is prayerful abstinence from food and or/drink for spiritual purposes.

While it involves food, it's about much more than food.

In the Bible, we see that fasting is not a command; it is a choice - one that can bring beautiful, powerful blessings.

Intricately connected with prayer, fasting deepens our connection to God.

This bonus episode shares resources, information, and inspiration that I pray will be helpful and supportive to you if you choose to take on this spiritual discipline.

Listen in…

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