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Faith Applied

Jan 5, 2019

Is your life balanced?
Do you believe balance is possible?

There's been a lot in my inbox and social media feeds about balance.

Sharings about how it is not possible. It is unrealistic and unreasonable to even expect that you can have balance in your life.

They are solid impassioned arguments that balance is BS.

Well, I put these impassioned statements in the same category with:
"New Year's resolutions are a waste of time!"
"It's hard and expensive to eat healthily."
"Diets don't work because the weight loss doesn't last!"

The arguments are strong and stated as fact that you can hang your hat on, but really they are position statements coming from individuals that haven't been able to attain or sustain these elements.

So they say they are not real or possible.

Well, in various episodes of the Faith Applied podcast, we'll explore all those statements - but in this episode, we talk about balance from a position that doesn't embrace the limiting belief that it is not real.

Balance is a real thing.
It's not easy, but it's possible.

So let's talk about balance, what it is, and how to have it.

Listen in...

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