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Faith Applied

Dec 26, 2018

How are your connections with other people?

We need one another. For well living - love and relationships matter.

TempleCare12 helps you create or reinforce healthy and whole habits during crazy-busy or otherwise challenging times, and this 11th day in the series calls you to connect to correct - adjust focus and use of time, so connections with others are not neglected.

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Note: The days of the program are connected and build upon each other. If you have missed any episodes, I encourage you to go back and follow the series in sequence. 

Resources Referenced in this Episode: 

Regrets of the Dying blog post by Bronnie Ware 

THE TOP FIVE REGRETS OF THE DYING: A LIFE TRANSFORMED BY THE DEARLY DEPARTING GIVES HOPE FOR A BETTER WORLD. - The book: Bronnie's delightful memoir is a courageous, life-changing book that will leave you feeling more compassionate and inspired to live the life you are truly here to live.

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The Faith Applied podcast is hosted by Nettye Johnson. This podcast supports purpose driven believers who want balance and better. Each episode contains truthful and transparent discussions about faith, mind/body wellness, purpose or productivity with the intent that together we’ll learn better, and do better, so we can live better. Check out Nettye’s other offerings and services to help you at