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Faith Applied

Dec 23, 2018

Most Americans suffer from a severe case of portion distortion.
We are no longer in tune with our body's hunger and satisfaction signals.
Instead, our eating is governed by the clock, by the situation, by the availability of food, or the swings of our mood - and we stop when we are stuffed, or the food is gone.

TempleCare12 helps you create or reinforce healthy and whole habits during crazy-busy or otherwise challenging times, and this 8th day encourages you to tune in to your God-given portion control mechanism and stop eating when satisfied.

Note: The days of the program build upon each other, so I encourage you to follow the sequence. 

Now on to Day 8. Listen in for details...

Resources Referenced in this Episode:

For more help in this area, see my book "Put Your Faith Where Your Fork Is: Science-Based, Faith-Empowered Approaches to Healthy Weight Management. See Section 3 - Value the Blessing of Food with specific attention to Chapter 8 - Experience Food. Don't have this resource? Click here to pick up a signed copy.

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