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Faith Applied

Sep 21, 2018

Accountability benefits the functioning and progress of individuals, organizations, even societies - but many treat that 12 letter word like a four letter word.

How do you view accountability? 

Do you see it as a needed help for growth and development, part of punishment, or something somewhere between?

Let’s talk about it.

In this episode we will:

  • Examine accountability and why it matters.
  • Look at reasons we sometimes avoid accountability.
  • Share four helpful tips for sourcing productive accountability relationships.

Mentioned in this episode:

Scripture references Galatians 6:1,  Matthew 7:3-5

Forbes article “Why Accountability Is Critical For Achieving Winning Results

Personality Tests DISCMyers & Briggs

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The Faith Applied podcast is hosted by Nettye Johnson. This podcast supports purpose driven believers who want balance and better in their lives. Each week we'll have truthful and transparent conversations around faith, mind, body, wellness, purpose or productivity with the intent that together we'll learn better, and do better, so we can live better. Check out Nettye’s other offerings and services to help you at