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Faith Applied

Sep 9, 2018

God made our bodies to move.

It's also pretty well known that exercise does a body good, yet four out of five United States adults do not get adequate physical activity to improve or maintain health.

We can do better. 

In this episode we will:

  • Take a look at how adequate activity, or the lack thereof, impacts our health.
  • Dig into the four most common barriers to regular exercise.
  • And for those that may need a little bit of help getting going, we'll share tips to help you just do it. 


Mentioned in this episode:

Faith Applied Episode 001: How to Stick with What You Start - Listen on Apple Podcasts, on Stitcher, or online at

My Favorite Activity and Fitness Trackers: Garmin and Fitbit (I use a Fitbit Versa and find it fashionable and helpful.) {BTW - I have an extra brand new, unopened box, Fitbit Alta HR for sale at a great price. Email me at if interested.}

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