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Faith Applied

Dec 15, 2018

Ever find yourself so busy - your life balance is off?

You have so much on your plate -  your mind is stressed, you neglect self-care for your body, don't devote enough time with God and His word to adequately refresh your soul, or your interactions with loved ones lack quantity and/or quality.

You plan to pull it back together after the holidays, when your calendar clears, or some other external slow-down trigger occurs.

TempleCare12 is your internal trigger. 

It helps you draw a line in the sand and take action with consistent small, manageable steps. This 12-day program program will help you create or reinforce healthy and whole habits during very challenging times.

This episode is the first of 12 episodes outlining 12 daily steps to better balance in mind, body and soul.

Listen in and bring your balance back!


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About this Podcast

The Faith Applied podcast is hosted by Nettye Johnson. This podcast supports purpose driven believers who want balance and better. Each episode contains truthful and transparent discussions about faith, mind/body wellness, purpose or productivity with the intent that together we’ll learn better, and do better, so we can live better. Check out Nettye’s other offerings and services to help you at